Your CAPE Journey

Individuals on the programme will:

Be able to confidently use a coaching style with their colleagues and teams.

Have understood and developed their own authentic management style.

Feel enabled, empowered, and equipped to lead their teams and be a brilliant people manager.

Be able to see how they can gain work fulfilment by recognising the value they add and the satisfaction that can be gained from being a brilliant people manager.

Have consciously and proactively considered the challenges that being a people manager brings, and have developed strategies to feel confident to address them.

Have self-belief in bucketloads!

And their organisations will benefit by:

Having individuals who can apply the learning immediately.

Seeing the positive impact on productivity, engagement, wellbeing and retention for the participants and the teams they lead.

Having new people managers that are effective quicker by enabling them to feel equipped and confident to undertake their roles and challenges that arise.

Seeing the skills learnt brought back into the business and in turn raising the bar for everyone else.

In a nutshell why CAPE™ exists:

  • We know that it feels like as soon as ‘manager’ is added to your job title there is an expectation that you have all the answers. But in reality, you may feel like a bit of a fraud. 
  • We know that there is a seed of doubt inside most people managing others. We know that if this isn’t tackled it can grow. We also know that traditional training doesn’t address this. 
  • We know that to make impact as a manager what worked for you previously in a delivery role is unlikely to work for you now.  We can help you to consider and make the changes that are needed.
  • We know the key to being a happy, healthy, and confident manager is developing self-belief. CAPE™ exists to help you develop yours. 

Why CAPE™?

In the words of one of our interviewees…

One day, you’re not managing people, and then the next day, they’re coming to you for answers. They’re coming to you for guidance, and you don’t always have those answers. But as soon as you add manager to your title, it’s almost like people think you’ve become this superhuman power, like a superhero that you can know the answer to everything and do everything.

We want to help people gain the confidence to feel like a superhero manager early on in their management role. The cape of a superhero becomes a metaphor for choosing your own authentic management approach, having the confidence to wear it and having a toolkit and learning experiences that helps you believe in your own capability as a manager. 

“Research shows that only 40% of managers perform well in the first 2 years.”

Our mission is:

  • To disrupt the way people learn how to manage others.
  • To empower them to feel confident in their management style, equipping them with a toolkit of resources for every scenario and enabling them to build effective relationships with their teams.
  • To help as many people as possible to have positive experiences of people management, both the managers themselves and the individuals they manage. In essence to create a butterfly effect.
  • To provide a community for first time or new people managers to learn, share, grow and ultimately develop the self-belief needed in their roles and beyond.  A community that you can draw on to work through challenges long after the programme has finished.
  • To spread the word – for that community to share their learning with the next generation of people managers by providing coaching / mentoring as part of a social value project.

‘We have such a responsibility in terms of early on in an individual's career - this is the stuff that we can positively give them, some experiences to help them develop, or later on in their career they're just going to have to negatively deal with the consequences.’

Each programme will include:

12 months membership to an online community, and access to a tailored and curated resource library.

12 fortnightly live learning sessions over the first 6-month period.

The opportunity to learn and develop coaching skills to use on the programme to support learning but also in the workplace.

Bespoke self-directed learning materials to complete between live sessions.

3x 1-1 coaching sessions with a highly trained and experienced professional coach.

A DISC® personality profile assessment and report.

The opportunity to take part in a social value project to offer coaching / mentoring to individuals who wouldn’t otherwise access it, and by doing so continue the movement of supporting others to develop their self-belief.

Alumni certification following completion of programme.

Why being a people manager matters.

Naomi and Lynsey met over fifteen years ago when working in corporate roles, they are now career and leadership coaches passionate about helping people reach their potential and be fulfilled at work. They both experienced self-belief impacting challenges when they became people managers for the first time many years ago. At a stage and for varying periods afterwards, these experiences had a whole range of impacts on how they viewed themselves in their roles. These experiences contributed to the reason that they both became coaches and felt drawn to better understand and help others in management and leadership development.

In the Summer of 2020 Naomi and Lynsey undertook their own primary research by interviewing over 30 managers across different sectors, industries, and sized businesses. The purpose of this research was to find out what it really feels like to be a people manager and what really helped those managers to thrive.

Meet your coaches

Naomi Regan PCC

Naomi is a performance driven coach and facilitator with PCC accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. She draws on 15 years of commercial leadership experience using her natural energy and creativity to develop bespoke ways to support individuals and teams. She is particularly passionate about bringing a focus to increasing self-awareness, self-belief and in turn performance.

Lynsey Kitching MRICS

Lynsey is an accredited coach and facilitator with a passion for human centred leadership. 

With over twenty years’ commercial experience in leadership and management roles across corporate property, communications, change management and business strategy, Lynsey has first-hand experience of real business challenges. This translates into an outcome focused coaching approach that supports clients in adding value for their organisations and building successful careers for themselves. 

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