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A CAPE Conversation about the menopause at work: what you really need to know

Two-thirds (67%) of women (aged 40–60 in employment) with experience of menopausal symptoms say they have had a mostly negative effect on them at work. And only a third of people feel comfortable talking to their manager about the menopause and their symptoms. (Source: CIPD Report Menopause in the workplace: Employee experiences in 2023).

Also, it is often thought that menopause only affects women between the ages of 45 and 55. However, some cancer treatments can affect hormones and trigger menopause symptoms (even early menopause). Therefore, symptoms associated with menopause can affect women at any age (and some men) who may have treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery to remove both ovaries, radiotherapy to the pelvis or hormone therapy drugs.

Naomi Regan is joined by Susie Rasul, Senior Pelvic Health Physio and Women's Coach, and Lisa Punt, Maggie’s Centre Head, Cambridge and Specialist in Cancer Treatment Induced Menopause, in this CAPE Conversation on what you really need to know about menopause in the workplace.

Join them on this very important topic for people managers and those who support people managers.

You will leave feeling more equipped and confident knowing:

- How menopause impacts on the wellbeing of women and their families,
- How it impacts on productivity and performance in the workplace and
- What you need to know and do to support your team.

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Lisa Punt

Lisa Punt

Maggie's Centre Head, Cambridge and Specialist in Cancer Treatment-Induced Menopause

Susie Rasul

Susie Rasul

Senior Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Certified Women's Coach

Naomi Regan

Naomi Regan

Co-Founder at CAPE Coaching and Development