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Other services

CAPE are passionate about helping people thrive at work because when people deliver, their organisations deliver. We work with individuals and organisations to tailor programmes that help them achieve their goals.

I spent five fantastic coaching sessions with Lynsey focusing on a range of topics including presenting, influencing, leadership and management. Her warm and professional styles makes you feel comfortable and at ease quickly allowing you to achieve a lot in a short amount of time. I noticed improvements in my professional career straight away. Can’t recommend CAPE enough!

Infrastructure Matters
Account Director

1:1 Coaching

Coaching provides a space for people to think through challenges and opportunities. Our coaches support people in their thinking whilst challenging them to raise their awareness, become more resourceful and commit to their own way forward. Sixty minutes spent working with a coach can achieve a much greater impact than working independently. Our coaching can be delivered online or in person.

Coaching can be of great benefit for individuals looking to:

  • Improve their productivity and results. 
  • Navigate career transitions such as promotions and role changes. 
  • Create clear career goals and plans. 
  • Build better relationships at work. 
  • Support their teams through change. 
  • Build their confidence and impact. 
Coaching sessions can be booked individually or as part of a package to support your specific development needs.

Leadership team development & coaching 

The ability of leadership teams to come together to lead purposefully and cohesively whilst continually striving to innovate and maintain a competitive advantage is critical to any organisation’s success.

At CAPE, we draw on our many years working at senior levels to partner with leadership teams and provide bespoke, impactful team development and coaching to support them with areas such as:

  • Building a culture of trust and accountability within their interactions whilst encouraging diverse views and personalities to have a voice. 
  • Bring a healthy balance of challenge and support - confronting their toughest challenges head-on whilst maintaining strong working relationships. 
  • Be able to look inwardly at what the organisation needs and outwardly to stay relevant and competitive. 
  • Come together to lead with consistency, clarity and purpose. 

Over the last year, NUCO has partnered with CAPE Coaching and Development to provide training for all leaders at NUCO. As a fast-growing company with lots of young talent, it’s been great to learn from Naomi and her excellent team as to how best to empower our leaders to deliver for all staff at NUCO.

Operations Director

Let's do this MORE OFTEN, helps to look at things from a different perspective - very insightful!

Research Director

Team development

For teams to work together effectively, using an external team coach can have huge benefits. CAPE work with clients to provide team coaching to accelerate performance. We design bespoke team coaching programmes to ensure the support aligns with the business outcomes you’re looking for. Some examples of team coaching outcomes are:

  • Peer-to-peer coaching working on current challenges to build trust and effective collaborative relationships. 
  • New team development - moving to performing as a team quicker and with more impact. 
  • Creative problem solving for teams looking to innovate and think differently. 
  • Exploring individuals’ strengths and preferences - to build greater awareness of each other, stronger relationships and a more inclusive working environment 

Professional skills development 

Human skills are anything but soft! CAPE focuses on these in everything we do because we believe they are the foundation to being successful at work. 

We have many ‘delivery ready’ workshops for clients looking for employee training that is accessible from a time and cost perspective. These include: 

  • Managing stress and building resilience. 
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome - why it happens and management strategies. 
  • How to have tricky conversations. 
  • Developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Enhancing communication skills. 
  • Developing your personal brand. 
  • Being an effective mentor. 

We also design and deliver bespoke professional skills development to support specific client needs. 

I wanted to set up a mentoring programme within our engineering department for our fleet apprentices over at West Midlands Trains and was recommended CAPE to help train up our mentors. Lynsey was brilliant in guiding me to a sensible approach that has not only delivered what we need it to but also been really enjoyable for all those involved. I'd highly recommend CAPE to anyone needing training around coaching/mentoring.

West Midlands Trains
Project Lead

To not put too much pressure on myself. To understand that everything is part of a learning curve. To always have some time to pause and think about how I feel about work, about colleagues, about what more I can do in this current career. To step back and reflect on the process. Be proactive and take ownership of my day and tasks.

Talent development programme

Emerging talent development 

CAPE can work with you to develop your future leaders. We strongly believe in the principle of ‘leadership at all levels’, meaning that individuals feel empowered to take accountability and ownership regardless of their seniority. We can explore ways to support your emerging talent on a group or 1:1 basis and often do this by looking at the following areas:

  • Developing self-awareness and a greater understanding of how to get the best out of yourself. 
  • Increasing confidence. 
  • Creating impact and influencing skills. 
  • Building resilience and creating healthy working habits.