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High-performing organisations need high-performing leadership teams

But how do you measure high performance in Leadership Teams over and above financial results? And what is it that they really need to do to enable the people managers in their businesses to thrive and get the best out of their teams?

A 2018 study (Global Leadership Forecast 2018) analysing research from over 28,000 leaders and HR professionals identified that only 14% of CEOs have the leadership talent within their teams needed to grow their companies.

So why does this gap exist?

Join Naomi and Paul Fernley, Director at Audio Always, on 12th June 2024 at 2pm for a CAPE Conversation about the pivotal role that Leadership Teams play in creating a high-performance environment and culture for people managers and their teams to succeed.

You will leave feeling more equipped and confident knowing:

How do you measure the success of an organisation’s Leadership Team beyond financial performance?

What are the main tensions that exist for Leadership Teams in growing businesses and how do the successful ones balance or overcome them?

What are the practical things that Leadership Teams can do to enable their people managers to thrive?

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Paul Fernley

Paul Fernley

Director and Head of Business Development at Audio Always

Naomi Regan

Naomi Regan

Co-Founder at CAPE Coaching and Development