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We develop brilliant people managers

Flagship CAPE 12 month programme

Our approach is different, and it works! The team behind CAPE learnt how to be great people managers the hard way, and this experience shapes everything we do. CAPE is the people management development programme that we wish we had.

Do these questions sound familiar?
  • How do I get others to take ownership so that I don’t need to have all of the answers?
  • How do I develop my confidence to be a great people manager?
  • How do I get the best out of people?
  • How do I get my team to work together?
  • How do I manage challenging situations?
  • How do I know what type of manager I want to be?

CAPE exists to get you the answers you need.

£1,495 plus VAT per person (limited spaces available)

Want to be part of a peer community from different organisations discussing real life challenges and gaining practical learning that can be applied immediately? Download our programme overview here to learn more.

Practical personalised learning

Immediate and lasting impact

Build external networks

Support a charity

How can your organisation benefit from the flagship CAPE programme?

  • By having individuals who can apply their learning immediately.
  • By seeing a positive impact on productivity, engagement, wellbeing and retention among the participants and the teams they lead.
  • By having effective, confident people managers equipped with the right skills to undertake their roles and challenges that arise.
  • By seeing the skills learnt brought back into the business, which raises the bar for everyone else.

How can you benefit from the flagship CAPE programme?

  • You'll be able to use a coaching style with your colleagues and teams confidently.
  • You'll have understood and developed your own authentic management style.
  • You'll feel enabled, empowered and equipped to lead your teams and be a brilliant people manager.
  • You'll gain work fulfilment through the value you add and the satisfaction you can gain from being a brilliant people manager.
  • You'll have consciously and proactively considered the challenges of being a people manager and have developed strategies to address them effectively.
  • You'll have self-belief in bucketloads!

Charity Partners

Working with charities

At CAPE, we want to positively impact the community and ensure that coaching and development are accessible to everyone. The second 6 months of our programme focus on participants applying what they’ve learned in their workplace and coaching/mentoring individuals outside their organisation who might not have access to opportunities to build confidence and belief in themselves normally.

The impact of coaching/mentoring outside of your organisation and industry has a hugely positive impact on participants. It not only helps to develop skills and confidence but also teaches you how to adapt to unfamiliar working cultures. This type of learning can be truly transformational for you as a manager... and the people you work with.

Some of our current charity partners:

Who is the flagship CAPE programme for?

  • People open to challenging themselves to be a better people managers.
  • People who want to learn more about themselves and how the way they show up impacts others.
  • People who want to have better conversations with their teams.
  • People who might not have had the opportunity to develop their own management style.


of people leave their job due to a bad boss.


of managers underperform in their first 2 years.


of people received people management training.


of managers in SMEs have received people management training.

Your CAPE journey

Here is a breakdown of the flagship CAPE programme and what you will encounter. To understand the programme in more detail, download our report.

CAPE in numbers

100% satisfaction

100% of participants strongly agree that the flagship CAPE programme has helped them develop their confidence and leadership skills.

15 countries & counting

CAPE has already made an impact across the globe and the list is growing!

500+ individuals

CAPE has worked with more than 500 individuals to support them to be brilliant people managers.

Your programme includes:

12 months membership

12 months membership to an online community, and access to a tailored and curated resource library.

Live sessions

12 fortnightly live learning sessions over the first 6 month period.

Coaching skills development

The opportunity to learn and develop coaching skills to use on the programme to support learning but also in the workplace.

Bespoke learning materials

Bespoke self-directed learning materials to complete between live sessions.

1:1 Coaching

Three 1:1 Coaching sessions with a highly trained and experienced professional coach.

Personality profiling

A DISC® personality profile assessment and report.

Social impact project

The opportunity to take part in a social value project to offer coaching/ mentoring to individuals who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it.

Alumni certificate

Alumni certification following completion of programme.

Useful downloads

Take a look at some of our useful downloads including the flagship CAPE programme overview and reports.